App Review: Pepperplate

Yay for app reviews! I have used this to keep me “on track” while living paleo. I use it as a grocery list and a meal planner. I also use it online, from my laptop, and on an app on my iPhone. I sit down with my laptop on Sunday afternoons and plan meals for the week. All of my work done from my laptop is then transferred to my phone LIKE MAGIC. One of the best lifestyle apps I’ve found!

What is Pepperplate all about?

Peperplate is a meal planning, grocery listing, recipe organizing app! The layout is simple both online and on the app. Really it combines all the necessities for keeping a weekly meal plan… which I so often fail at! According to the  Pepperplate website, they pride themselves in being a recipe manager, menu planner/manager, meal planner/sharing tool, and shopping list maker.


  • FREE
  • Super visual, great visual weekly calendar!!
  • Easy to navigate online and in the app {takes some getting used to}.
  • Seamless syncing between devices.
  • When in cooking mode, screen doesn’t lock or dim.
  • Integrated in-app timer for cooking.
  • Recipes can be added manually or imported from website.
  • Recipes can be sorted/filtered by category, alphabetically, by date, or by favorites.
  • Easily share recipes directly from Pepperplate to Facebook & Twitter.
  • Easily import all ingrediants from weekly plan to grocery list.
  • Quickly remove itesm from grocery list that you may already have.
  • App option for grocery list categorizes by choice and allows items to be checked off.
  • Print option for grocery list.
  • Grocery list can be viewed by aisle or recipe.
  • Customize your own aisles & group your list!


  • At first it can be confusing to navigate on the app. Just takes some getting used to.
  • Recipies can only be imported from “supported” websites, I’ve found that most can be imported, but some of my favorite websites’ [sutch as palo grubs] recipes have to be imported manually.
  • Occassionally when recipies are imported, because of website formatting, all the ingrediants end up under one ingrediant.
  • One time I coulden’t figure out how to turn off the in-app timer, I had to reset the time for a minute to be able to turn it off again… it was a bit strange.

Peperplate Overview

I would 100% reccoment the app to a friend. Of course, as any app, it has it quirks, but it’s well worth it!


-Love From the Kitchen ~ Ang-


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  1. bestapplock says:

    Hi There, thanks for sharing those apps. it’s very helpful. I think I will download it, used as my weekly manager.

    BTW, could you kindly write a review for our app ‘AppLock’? It’s one of the best download in Google store, produced by Domobile.Lab. we just released new version 2.16.2 with many new features. Your article will be shared in our Google+/Twitter, both have 20+ likes.

    Google link you may need:

    If it’s inconvenient for you to write a review, a reprint is ok.


    1. hallar1 says:

      Hello! Nice to hear from you! I am a iPhone user, and unfortunately can’t download/try/review your app 😦 so sorry!


      1. bestapplock says:

        thanks for your reply dear! that’s doesn’t matter. 🙂


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