Hi friends! I haven’t done very many CrossFit posts so I thought I would change that!

This past Saturday I couldn’t make it to the box, but I was able to scrounge up a few items, I had at home, to revise the WOD.

vs. WOD

My Make Shift Supplies:


I used these pavers for my box jump πŸ™‚ jump from the grass to the pavers.


I think I probably looked this silliest with this little thing, haha! Using two ankleΒ weights, I strapped these smaller weights together. I used one of the straps to hold on and swing with [kettlebell swings]. I also used these for push press, cradling my hands underneath the weights, I’d lift from there. Not much weight, but it helped me focus on my form.
For my wall balls I used a volleyball and a tree πŸ˜€ Again, not much weight, but I was able to focus on getting a good full squat and getting power from my legs and hips to push the ball up.


I know I have a real jump rope somewhere, however, since we’re moving I cannot find ANYTHING. Had to improve with an actual rope!

Rounds & Time:

I broke apart the workout into 5 sets of 10 reps. I started by going down the list, but then I varied it by the end, doing double sets of things that were “easier” and breaking sets of 10 down to sets of 5 for certain exercises *cough* burpees *cough*. I did do a set of 20 single unders to make one set of double unders. [also the flat knees to elbow is what I was calling ab v-ups hahaha]IMG_3652

Though I feel I am getting better CrossFitting, I still feel like I have a long way to go. I finished all 50 reps for each, except the burpees! Burpees are something I want to continue working on, lots of room for improvement! My time was 35 minutes, pretty slow, but a crazy good workout! If you can’t make it to the box, see what you might have and do your own WOD!!!


-Love from the Yard ~ Ang-





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