Be Present. [Join the Challenge]


YAY for fresh starts and relaunches! Welcome to the first weekly post on the first week of the relaunch!!!!

I wanted to kick off the relaunch in a HUGE way, a challenge with some free PRIZES!!! {Giveaways are the BEST}.

Now, it is a challenge, so it may not, necessarily, be easy! I recently realized a lot of my negativity and discontent was sprouting from the use of technology. Now,  I would say I use technology on an average amount, I’m on social media for about an hour a day and maybe blog a few hours a week. I’m on Pinterest a few hours a week and probably frequent YouTube the most, which sucks up… I don’t know how many hours. I am not someone who is attached to my phone, I can leave it sitting for hours and not even look at it. I think because of recently graduating from college and having free time (especially before starting my summer position) I found myself using technology and screens WAY more than I’ve been used to these last four years. There is nothing wrong with using technology, but for me, it started to impact my attitude towards different things and really started making me someone I’m not. I also thought about my hobbies, like painting and photography, which I had barely touched, because, when it came down to it, I would rather do something that was “brainless” and be on the computer or watch t.v. When I realized how much it was affecting me, I started trying to cut down, WOW my situations sure did change! My eyes have also thanked me!!

So, I decided to challenge myself, and thought I would welcome you along for the ride! This challenge is a 4-week challenge designed to cut back on “screen time” and get back to the hobbies you used to enjoy! The first three weeks will have daily goals that will eventually lead to the “big goals” being able to be accomplished. The last week will encompass putting into practice those big goals. Now, these goals don’t have to be things that you continue after the challenge is over. For example, a goal for my final week is to have one hour, or less, of screen time each day {I think I might be crazy for doing this, but I also feel like this is something I really need for myself right now}. I will not be something I will continue into my future because I’m a teacher, I plan all my lessons on the computer! But, I have the chance to do this now, so WHY NOT? It will also make me plan ahead to make sure I get the blog posts done before that week or have to handwrite them or something crazy 😉

Here are my BIG goals, and one weekly plan, for an example! Below that I’ll tell you how to enter and what you’ll be eligible to win.

Big Goals


Week 1.jpg
After I finished this… I thought it looked SO messy and then decided I will most likely do grid boxes… WHY didn’t I think of that before?????? So yours will look different.


To Enter:

  • Fill out the form below
    • Be sure to include your four BIG goals that you want to accomplish by the fourth week.
    • Your weekly goals should that be something that commonly distracts you from interacting with others and being “in the now”. What does that look like for you? Is it distractions from notifications on your phone? Too much T.V.? Does reading or finishing that little piece of work at home distract you from being with your family or friends?
      • What hobbies or activities have you been missing out on recently? Note that in the comments and that could make it’s way into your weekly plan 😉
    • I’ll write your weekly goals and send them back to you on the email you provide!
    • At the end of every week (Saturday night) you’ll submit your weekly checklists to

  • When you turn all four weeks in, you will be entered for the giveaway/prize!


Challenge Giveaway.jpg
Details: Leather Journal has blank pages. Choices of Roller: Sleepytime, Calming, or Muscle Relaxer. *Sacs & Co is a locally owned soap store in the town I went to college in. LOVE LOVE LOVE their soap! Check out their website:

Let me know if you have any questions! Send in your submissions before Saturday 1o pm Eastern Timezone.



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