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I’m Angie, I 22 year old on a journey to better health and overall wellness. I believe in a wholistic lifestyle. Wholistic [often confused or defined by holistic] referring to the whole body ~ mind, body, and spirit. I do this by relying on God for physical, emotional, and spiritual strength, eating Paleo, doing CrossFit five days a week, and using essential oils as a more natural way to care for my body.

At the end of my college career, I knew my diet/exercise routine needed to change. I was sick of feeling sluggish, unhappy, and unenergized. I was eating moderately “healthy” and was exercising a couple times a week but I knew it wasn’t enough. While I was still in Japan, finishing up my student teaching, I did extensive research on CrossFit and Paleo. CrossFit looked absolutely terrifying, but after reading countless reviews of different CrossFit boxes in my area back home, and watching a bunch of YouTube videos, I contacted a few boxes to ask about their on ramp program. That’s how I found CrossFit Five Lakes and my life has never been the same! CrossFit is not easy, but the community and the coaches make it all worth it. I’m lifting weights and doing crazy exercises that I thought would NEVER be possible for me!



The soul crushing 100# sandbag 😉 ©CrossFitFiveLakes



Only in about a month and a half in and I saw big changes all around. There were some health issues that  seemed to balance themselves out, which was an added bonus!

Currently, I’m living and working as a 1st-grade teacher in Japan. I follow my [US] box’s routine on my own. Still seeing progress in stregth and have seen a lot of toning taking place!

Paleo has totally changed my outlook on veggies and made me try many things that I thought I never would. I’m LOVING every moment. Many people ask if I’ll ever not be Paleo again… and to me… it’s not a diet, this was a whole lifestyle change and Paleo is the main peg that’s holding everything together! Before I was overindulging (significantly) on bread and cheese, both of which I’ve completely left behind since starting Paleo. But, that’s what I needed, it was so much of a problem that I felt like I couldn’t control it, that’s when I really knew I needed to change. Also, all the recipes are delicious, so that’s a plus!!

Moving to Japan meant tweaking the way Paleo worked in my life. There are not as many “paleo options” available at local eateries and even at the grocery store. I’ve had to put it a lot of hard work to make my lifestyle Paleo but doable in Japan.

Essential oils are a new endeavor for me! I recently joined YoungLiving and am LOVING every second of it as well! I was a HUGE skeptic before trying oils. It was through the help of one of my best friends (and some samples) that I wanted to give oils a try. They were the “missing piece”, per-say, in my lifestyle change. I was sick of using soap that left me feeling sticky and using deodorant that had ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. I also wanted a way to have a quick pick-me-up or something that could help me relieve stress, without popping some “magical pill” with who-knows-what ingredients.


Currently diffusing frankincense, peppermint, and lemon for a nice morning burst! p.s. my room is also happily sunny in the morning, so I LOVE sitting and writing in bed on Saturday mornings 🙂 ©AngelPhotography

Lastly, and most importantly, I owe everything to my Heavenly Father. He’s the one that gives me breath to wake up in the morning and the energy to undertake any CrossFit WOD. Reading His words of treating our body as a temple (1 Cor. 6:19&20) is something that I have been mulling over in my head, for ages. I know he created me just as He wanted to (Psalm 139:13-16), but I still felt there was something more, I wasn’t living to my full potential! I know I’m a still work in progress, but He’s not finished with me yet!

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